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portable speaker
EW-QTS2 portable speaker, bicycle sport speaker,mini speaker 
Product Details

EW-QTS2 portable speaker, bicycle sport  speaker,mini speaker

-High-textured aluminum metal surface facilitate outdoor and indoor use.
-Built-in Hi-Fi high-quality and high-efficiency speaker monomer, you can still hear heavenly music even outdoors.
-Built-in high-capacity rechargeable battery, support long playing.
-You can use headphones to listen music or the radio, it will automatically turn off the loudspeaker when you plug in headphone connector.
-Headset,USB connector, FM radio antenna, Line IN and charging use all the same jack which make the product more beautiful and simple.
-Support MP3/WMA format,building in large capacity memory to store large quantity music files.
-Support Line IN function, receiving notebook or other audio source to amplify the sound.
-FM radio
-digital LCD display,  words of a song showing.


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